Where should I put my public HTML files?


Hi all!
I’m moving a bunch of sites over from another hosting service. Over there the structure goes:

[my main directory]/public_html/mysite.com/[all the html files]

But I can’t find instructions on whether it’s the same here. Should I create a “public_html” folder and then put my sites there? I tried putting one in my main directory, but it didn’t work.

Thanks in advance!


As soon as you create a Fully Hosted Domain owned by your FTP user, it will create an example.com folder in your home directory: /home/USER/example.com
When you FTP in, by default you’ll be in your home directory. You’ll see your example.com folder there (there’s no public_html directory here).


Thanks for the reply!

Hmm…I set all my domains to “Fully Hosted” but it didn’t create folders for them automatically…this is why I’m confused about where they should be. Maybe it didn’t do this because I previously had the domains registered with Dreamhost but hosted elsewhere, I don’t know.

So I’m confused. When I log in, and I’m in my home directory, am I supposed to see my username folder, or actually be in it already? I don’t see my username directory, so I assume I’m already there. When I put the “mysite.com” folder there, it doesn’t show up via http (and the DNS has already resolved to Dreamhost). So I figure I’ve got the folder in the wrong place. Thoughts?

Thanks again.


If you are logging in using the FTP protocol, you will already be in the home directory.

If you are logging in using the SFTP protocol, you should be in the home directory unless you configured your FTP program to go to a different user home directory.

First thing first and that is to make sure you are logging in as the right user. Go to the Web Panel and under Domains choose “Manage Domains”. For the Fully Hosted domain, choose “Edit”. Pay attention to the following information on this page:

[size=3]Users, Files, and Paths[/size]
Run this domain under the user:[_____________] [color=red]← WHAT USER TO LOGIN AS![/color]
This affects which FTP account will have access to the domain, as well as what user PHP and CGI scripts will run as.

Web directory: /home/username/[_____________] [color=red]← WHERE WEB FILES GO![/color]

Logs directory:
(can’t be changed) /home/username/logs/domain/http

So you want to log in to FTP/SFTP/shell as the user specified in this section and then make the “Web directory” specified in this section if it doesn’t already exist.


Thank you SO much for taking the time to spell this out for me. That’s exactly where the problem was - I did not have the web directory set properly.
Your time and effort really, really helped me out - thank you, thank you!!!