Where is your support? why can't you solve the issues instantly?


Again we are trying to contact you but can not get instant support at all. Where are you guys? We can not endure the sites missing so long time. it is bad image and I wish you guys can focus on costumers requests.

When your server has the issue, why can’t you move our data to one of your another server workable instantly?

below is the message you put, but you need to tell us how soon the server can be working again. thank you!

Current Outage: Hardware failure on hosting machine (updated 6 hours 30 mins ago)
We are writing you to update you on the ongoing restore for your shared web hosting server, miaplacidus. The server is still suffering from high load and slowness from the backup server. We are still investigating and working on a fix for this. Some slowness is expected until more data is restored to local disk. Sites are currently being served from backups and the restore process continues to execute.
If you find you are having any issues with your hosting or are missing any data, please reply to this message with any details you can provide and we will be happy to assist!
The Happy DreamHost Server Fixing Team


Same case. Four days with all my sites down and the only answer from DH is the message below.

Four days to restore a server ?¿? I think it’s too much time.


Yeah, I’d agree. I doubt getting a new server installed and on-line is the issue, but more the reclaiming of data appears to be the problematic factor.


But they must have raid systems, or not ?


What is Dreamhost policy about mentioning shared server outages in status.dreamhost.com?



same here, all my sites on miaplacidus server are down!

this is the answer i got from support:

I’ve credited your account $10 for the downtime; sites should now be
running off backups while the restore continues. Aside from the slowness
caused by the restore, it seems your scripts have been getting
automatically killed by our Process Watcher script due to your sites
going over Memory limits on the shared server.
I would highly recommend that you follow the steps in the following wiki
article in order to reduce your usage:

Apparently he was trying to blame my wordpress sites for the downtime! but i have a few other sites that run on HTML only and other sites with light weight self written PHP scripts, they are also down!

Can’t take this anymore!
I’m on miaplacidus server as well.
What should we do guys?


All sites in miaplacidus server are down, HTML only, Php, Wordpress, all…

Completely unbelievable


Hi everyone,
I am apparently on the revolution server which has also experienced an outage. I have been receiving the following message now for 3 days:

Current Outage: Hardware failure on hosting machine (updated 7 hours 22 mins ago)
This is an update on the webserver ‘revolution’. Our admins are currently working on two issues for this server. The first issue is attempting to run a file system check on the old hardware, in the hopes it can be recovered and not be moved to new hardware, or at least used for a passive move to new hardware. The other issue, is the intermittent slowness of the backup file server. New hardware is setup and is attempting to use the backups to run your sites and restore them, but it is much slower than usual. Our apologies for the longer downtime, we are working on getting a solution for either of these issues as soon as possible.
We appreciate your patience!
The Happy DreamHost Server Fixing Team

I need to know - has anyone received any updates or positive resolution? Are you able to recover your site data? Are you sitting there, lost and hopeless like me that years of blogging has just gone down the toilet?

I am about to contact an IP lawyer and perhaps pursue a class action suit against Dreamhost. Anybody have any thoughts?
Please let me know asap,


I am absolutely outraged by this! My site is business related and this is a disaster.
I have written 3 emails and this is now day 4 by my calculations. I have had NOT ONE reply from Dreamhost and my site is STILL down.
I am genuinely disillusioned after being led to believe that Dreamhost was a serious web host…


That’s a really bad idea, and you have undermined your case by inferring you consider your “years of blogging” are without value, since you did not back up the data


Same here. Site down, business suffering. What’s really frustrating me is that for all of my complaints I get automated messages back from support as if my site is being restored and is running from a backup. My site IS NOT RUNNING AT ALL, not from a backup, not from temporary storage or any other resource. This is ridiculous, once my data is back up I’m packing up and leaving.


What’s your site? And did you actually put in a support request, or are you just getting letters?


Guys, you can’t be serious about that. It’s absolutely unacceptable that it takes five days (or even more!) to fix that server.

Please give us at least the FTP back, so we can download our sites and transfer them to something that deserves to be called a host…


Just upload your backups to a new host (or ask to be switched to a different server).


I can’t upload my backups to a different host as my site is a WordPress and there are daily uploads (to the FS, not the DB)

I just tried to increase the timeout limit of my ftp client from 20 to 5000 seconds. Now I’m downloading since 15 hours … 69%


and yes - of course I have put in a support request ** 4 ** of them in the last 4 days. None answered until late last night, and even still, nothing happening other than they have given me credit for 2 months of hosting.



Most things I hate are lies, and they are lying to me every day with their excuses… Nobody needs more than 1 day to restore a server.

6 sites down more than 5 days… who are going to pay me all my money lost ?


I am also concern by miaplacidus issue, is it possible to have some contrete information (action plan, date, or % achievement of the restore process … ), because since 5 days it is nearly the same message and we don’t see any progress.


That seems awfully strange. It doesn’t seem other people are having your situation – or if they are, where are their posts?


is it?! what about all my posts?? i’m on miaplacidus too! 5 days down time! 5 DAYS!!!
i’ve started to move my sites to a different server already… i gave up emailing your “Customer Support”, no one cares…