Where is your phone number!

I love a company that screws foo up and gives no support phone number to fix it.

I transfered a domain. You sent the confirm E-mail to an address I haven’t had in 5 years.

God forbid I take 5 min of YOUR time instead spending a week trying to get YOU to fix YOUR foo up via E-mail.

Can I just ask a simple question?
As this is a customer to customer forum board why do you not try to contact DreamHost via their suport page or contact page number?

Why do you want 5 minutes of my time?
Why do you want my phone number?
Who is this foo you want me to fix up?


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

This forum is not a way to contact Dreamhost Support - it’s only a “customer to customer” discussion forum.

At any rate, I’ll take 2 minutes of my time to respond anyway:

Sounds like you didn’t keep your “contacts” email addresses in your “whois” information up to date.

A careful read through the Dreamhost site will provide you with a phone number, but it will only get you to a voicemail box. Dreamhost does not provide, and never has provided, support via telephone.

To contact support, log into the control panel, select support, contact support, from the menu on the left side of the screen, and complete the form.

Good luck!


If you were too stupid to keep your email address up to date, you’re too stupid to use a phone, so I don’t see what good a number would do you anyway.

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