Where is US-East 2 Cluster located?



I currently have a VPS on Dreamhost located in Virginia.
I also have a DreamCompute instance on US-East 1 cluster.

My primary website is hosted on the VPS but because of stability issues with the shared MySQL on the VPS, I moved my database to the DreamCompute instance.
Now I just got the email about US-East 2 Cluster. I would like to switch to it for the database but I could not find out where it is located.
If I switch to it, would I get a performance hit because the location of the cluster is far away from where my VPS is located?
Hoping to find some answered here. Thanks!


Both US-East 1 and US-East 2 are located in the same datacenter in Ashburn, Virginia. If anything you should see speed improvements if you use the new cluster, as it has newer Intel CPUs, faster memory, and SSD storage throughout.



Also… You are currently charging USD10 per month for the cheapest package on US-East 1 right now. The hourly prices puts the same package at USD 4.5 per month… is this accurate? I mean if I continue on the same cluster… i would be paying USD 4.5 for which I am currently paying USD 10 per month?


The new billing system charges per hour used of resource, it’s a slightly different approach than packages. If you now are using a ‘subsonic’ instance (1GB RAM and 1vCPU), with Predictable Bill you’ll pay at most $4.50 each month for that instance. Differently from the previous billing, if you need to run another ‘subsonic’ or larger instance, you can do that and get billed for each hour it runs up to 600hours in a month. Any hour after 600 is on us, we don’t count them.

The US-East 1 and US-East 2 clusters have different prices given the different architecture. US-East 1 is cheaper but has spinning disks. On the other hand US-East 2 has all SSDs and Intel Xeon processors, boot times in the 30seconds range.


Sounds great. Thanks for clarifying things.


Alright. I have an additional question.
I have moved my data from US-East 1 to US-East 2.
Now I have deleted the instance and volume on US-East 1.
How do I delete my account there which is visible in the backend? The only option is to terminate the entire DreamCompute account which I do not because I want to retain the US-East 2 instance.
Or it would remain like that but I would no longer get billed because no instance exists anymore on that account?
Backend is kind of confusing for someone who is new to these things. Thanks.


You don’t have to delete your US-East 1 account. You won’t be billed for it since nothing is running in there and it will be available should you want to run an instance there later.