Where is trac.ini?

I installed trac by one-click installer.
After that my trac works fine but I noticed that “(please configure the [header_logo] section in trac ini)” at logo area.
So I try to set hedader_logo but I can’t find trac.ini from shell.
Moreover, I searched from shell "find <trac_dir>/ -name ‘*.ini’"
But I can’t find trac.ini

Where is trac.ini ?

I’m having similar kinds of problem with the trac header logo. I see there was no response to this.

Did you ever get it sorted out?

Nothing ! I have been waiting some hints to solve it…

I just created a Trac with the one-click installer and all your questions are answered in the mail you receive when you create it… Here is the mail I received(Some info are replaced with ):
We just installed the files for Trac as requested at:


To configure your logo and other settings for your Trac site please edit the file:


This trac install is using the following SVN repository: /home//svn/

You can begin setting up your users for your Trac install through the panel:


Also here is a detailed guide on administrating your Trac site:


The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot"

Kind regards
Emil Kjer