Where is the Reliability?


Dreamhost used to be the best. I have had extended outages on all my domains in 2008. I have been hosting here for 4 years with almost no problems. What gives? I really can’t be patient any more.


Are you on the “blingy” cluster? (Find out by checking “Account Status” in the Control Panel.) If so, the DreamHost Blog has a post about it.

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Wait, are you saying that in the four years you’ve been here, you’ve never had an “extended” outage before your recent one? What’s the longest outage you’ve experienced before now?

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It all depends on what you are looking for in a host - in the areas that are important to me, they still are the best, and by a pretty wide margin. :wink:

Wow. Then you must have been exceedingly unlucky, as I have had exactly the opposite experience. Even with the Blingy cluster issues I was hardly effected.

I’ve been hosting here almost 10 years, and I’ve had problems now and again, but nothing that wasn’t worth waiting to get resolved, and that includes the summer of 2006.

That was “general” in nature and actually did impact everyone in one way or another, unlike the recent Blingy cluster issue which only effected some. Could you really have missed that with “all” of your domains, or are you being disingenuous in posting here?

At any rate, if you “really can’t be patient any more”, you probably should change hosts; life is to short to get all knotted over where a website it hosted. Good luck! :slight_smile:



Reliability is main thing isn’t it? I am not running anything special, no scripts, have one domain that has a Wordpress blog on it, solely. It is not live yet and is exceeding system resources doing nothing. Kinda like blowing an engine on a car you have never turned the ignition on before. The outages have been from 2-9 hours. To test this, I have moved the sites to other hosts, even free ones and they have never gone down. I do not mind paying whatever it takes to get reliable service. BUT, I have to wonder why I can host a WP blog on Wordpress.org and have no problems. Something is just not right with Dreamhost right now.


Are you on the Blingy cluster or not?

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For me, my ability to get a good website built easily and quickly is the main thing, but everyone’s priorities are different. BTW, my #2 priority is a host I can trust - that is, one that I feel is looking out for my well-being.

I pay for a consistent user experience for my visitors for the sites where it counts through Dreamhost PS, btw.

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Well, first of all, WordPress itself is a whole collection of “scripts”, so you are running scripts. This is only relevant in light of your later comments. :wink:

Friend, if it is not “live yet” and it is “exceeding system resources”, I can assure you that there is either something seriously wrong with you particular server (which you should report and get fixed) or, “You’re doing it wrong.”

A WordPress site not being “live” but being broken already is not at all like “blowing an engine on a car you have never turned the ignition on before” … I assume you have “tested” it, right? That is more like “blowing an engine on a car before you take it for a drive on the freeway, because the first time you turned the ignition on in the driveway, the engine was defective or you did it without putting any oil in the engine!”

There are, literally, tens of thousands of WordPress blogs hosted on Dreamhost that are working fine; if yours is not, then you probably ought to find out why that is the case.

I am completely baffled about the relationship between your first statement, this statement, and the statements that follow. Outages happen at all hosts, and of course a site that doesn’t work on a host that is “out” may very well work on a host that is not out … what kind of a tests is that? It sounds to me like you have more than once source of frustration and more than one problem. You have a sites that you say are “down” or “out” more than you can tolerate, and you have a WordPress installation that is “broken”.

I assume you must be talking about WordPress.com, as WordPress.org does not host any “user” sites. This is probably indicative of how little you understand about hosting, scripting, and WordPress in general. So, assuming that you are really talking about WordPress.com (which hosts blogs) and not WordPress.org (which provides the software for you to host your own blog on your own, or another’s, server), there are many many reasons why one might work and the other one might not.

One of the primary reasons is that those “hosted” WordPress.com blogs do not let you “do it wrong” when it comes to installing crappy/broken themes, installing a badly written or defective plugin, or simply installing and trying to use too many plugins or plugins that overload your server’s resources. DreamHost offers a similar “controlled” environment with their “easy” one-click WordPress and ZenPhoto “hosted” versions. These easy" versions differ from the “advanced” one-click installation versions in that the former is a “controlled” environment and the other turns you loose to screw it up! :wink:

There is probably something “just not right” with a host the size of DreamHost’s at any given time, just as that is true with any other large host; these are very large installations and stuff breaks and has to be tweaked all the time. If your site(s) live on the Blingy cluster, or even on the Spunky cluster (though to a much lesser degree), then the last month has been pretty rough, I agree.

That does not make the whole service “unreliable” any more than a particularly problem plagued airport makes an airline unreliable… I’ve been at DreamHost since 1998, and I guarantee you that I have seem for more “problems” during that time than you have experienced in the amount of time you have been hosting here.

The difference is that I have the benefit of long term experience with hosting websites, with DreamHost and other hosts, and I know how to recognize the difference between a “problem” that can be identified and ultimately resolved and a host that is just “generally unreliable.”

All that said, if you are no more interested in getting to the root of why your WordPress site consumes too much resources while it is still in testing mode than to just say, “it’s the host,” and “I can host a WP blog on Wordpress.org and have no problems” instead of trying to figure out what your problem is and what is causing it, then you should probably try to talk WordPress.org into hosting your site for you (or just go run your WP blog on WordPress.com - which is what I believe you are thinking of) or try the DreamHost “easy” one-click installation of WordPress, which you are unlikely to be able to bork.

You could also ask for help here to try to figure out why your WordPress site is so messed up, but I know that it takes some research, investigation, and effort to ask those kinds of questions (and investigate the answers you receive), and that it is far easier to just complain. :wink:



I suspect that he either does not know the answer to that question, or he’s just trolling. :wink:



I’m on the Blingy server and I have noticed a vast improvement on my email and websites. Now my websites are html, with a few pdf documents to download for holders of the relevant securitie. However last week I was having trouble even seeing those, and downloading a 1MB document was proving very troublesome. Going onto the webcalendar was a big no no - couldn’t get past the log in page most times.

Probably shouldn’t jinx things but yesterday and today I’ve been able to email large files to myself, and had absolutely no issues with the website, or even the webcalendar application.

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Yes indeed, there is no doubt that Blingy was in serious trouble, and that those problems impacted a lot of sites. I’m really glad to hear that things appear to be working better now on your site, and I am hoping with you that they will stay that way! :slight_smile:



To be fair to them, the blog explains where all the issues came with, and they are offering a month’s credit. I very much doubt all hosts would have done that - they would have probably just said read the small print we don’t guarantee anything…

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I agree with you completely and, all things considered, I think DreamHost handled it as best they could and are have empathy for those that were having problems.

You are correct, I believe, than many host would not have offered the credit, and it is to DreamHost’s credit that they did … because, as you correctly point out, they don’t have to do that per the TOS.

Even when things don’t go well, DreamHost still rocks!



Not on the Blingy cluster. Rlparker, you are wordy but not really saying anything. In my wordpress example. The install does not run on Dreamhost. I have published the exact same WP on other hosts and it works. BTW, it is the Dreamhost install. So your assumption that I screwed it up is dead wrong. Don’t be a condescending ass. I try to keep my statements to facts and in general terms.

The bottom line is that Dreamhost is not as good as they used to be and don’t seem to be concerned about it.


I’m sorry … I obviously overestimated your reading ability and/or comprehension skills. I’ll try not to do that again.

WTF? Ok. I have no idea at all what you are trying to say.

I don’t know if you screwed it up or not. I now understand you have a difficulty understanding what you read. You are welcome to take my comments any way you want, but I’ll try not to be an ass.

You offer “facts” that you can’t or won’t support, and your “general terms” are sweeping generalizations that appear to be based to a degree on your confusion and/or frustration. I hope that sentence was not too long. If it was, I apologize.

No. The bottom line is that different people have different opinions. Mine is different than yours. Mine is as valid as yours. My opinion is based on more experience with DreamHost than yours. I can’t know whether DreamHost is concerned about their service or not. You can not know that either. I believe they are concerned whenever things are not right, no matter how it seems to you.



He is wordy but I’ve always attributed that to trying to explain things in a way that is not subject to misinterpretation. Robert also tries to keep the reader amused but that doesn’t always work. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what “install” you’re talking about. Both the “easy” one-click install of WordPress and the “advanced” on both work. I haven’t tried the standard download of WordPress since several releases ago, but there have been a couple of folks here on the forums who’ve had success with that.

I had to admit to being confused by the post as well, but I do hope to try to convey that without being condescending. It might be impossible to avoid being an ass, but please try to overlook my shortcomings!

How is it “exceeding system resources”? Is it just not working or have you received notices from Dreamhost support that your blog is exceeding system resources?

As rlparker said, you mean wordpress.com. Here’s WordPress.com’s own FAQ about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com has limited customization and plugins, but runs an optimized version of WordPress and runs on clustered hardware. This is much like what Dreamhost is now offering with their “easy” one-click install. It’s optimized for performance and reliability and not for customization.

It’s certainly true that the Blingy clusterf**k was just that. It’s even self-admitted.

I think they’re very concerned about it. They wrote about it on the blog, called this one of the 5 worst problems they’ve ever had, and are issuing service credits.

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Are we talking about a vanilla install, or have you customized it with various plugins/themes above and beyond those that Dreamhost provides along with its One-Click install by default? It definitely sounds as though there is something strange going on with your particular Wordpress install, and if you’re willing to be a bit more forthcoming with what you’re actually did, we might be able to help you troubleshoot. It sounds as though you took a bad step without even realizing it (lord knows I do this plenty).

Given the tainted blood in this thread, though, it’d probably be most fruitful if you started a new thread with as much detail as possible, including a link to your site, and leave the baggage of this thread behind. The people around here are pretty smart when it comes to solving problems, and generally pretty nice if you’re actually interested in trying to find a solution.

Of course, if all you want to do is complain about Dreamhost, that is certainly your right. Just keep in mind that you’re generalizing from a sample size of one when it sounds like you haven’t really tried to figure out the root cause of your particular problem. I’ll throw my hat in the ring as someone who has two perfectly functional Wordpress installs that I’ve never had a lick of trouble with. So, while you may have had an individually bad experience, it does seem like your problem is unique to you.


I agree, your “one domain that isn’t live” can’t possibly be regarded a resource issue. If you’re getting notifications that your account is exceeding some (as yet undefined) resource limits it could be due to something running on one of your other domains - as all your domains are all tied into the same main account.

I can understand your frustration (Blingyfest was a riot this year). If you make a new post over in General Troubleshooting outlining what you tried - One-Click Easy/Advanced or custom install, plugins, etc. - I’m confident the guys here will be able solve any problems.

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Let’s see if I’m following this correctly.

  • You’ve been here for 4 years, but just called them frauds in another thread for not honoring a non-existent 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • This isn’t your first day on the internet and you think a botched Wordpress installation is an accurate representation of the performance of thousands of servers.

  • You think that since your WP isn’t working, even though there’s no content or traffic, that it’s clearly a server-wide problem. This would also mean that you believe you’re the only one out of hundreds of users that noticed nothing works on that server.

Did I miss anything?

I’d suggest working it out with support to find out the actual problem, but that would just be silly.

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