Where is the index.htm this site is looking at?

Currently, my friend’s site is hosted by another hosting site. He wants to transfer to DH. One main reason is he can no longer make changes to his site. No matter what he changes in index.htm from the root directory or even rename that file completely, his site (http://broadbent.net/index.htm) appears the same in the browser. So, my question is where in the world is this index.htm picked up from?

He uses Blogger.com to do FTP publishing. From what I can tell, FTP publishing generates an updated index.htm in the root directory – it includes the newest posts (as recent as July 15, 2009). This can be seen when I bring up index.htm from the ftp portal (see screenshot at http://tinyurl.com/oxywjt). However, when I bring it up in http:// format, the newest posts are not there, and it got stuck with some old content (see screenshot at http://tinyurl.com/nxtks5 ). It’s not due to browser cache (tried clearing cache and using new browsers) or server cache (tried appending “?random_request” in URL ).

I could go ahead and help him transfer the hosting, but I’m hesitant to do so unless I figure out this weird problem.

Please help!!! Thank you!

I can’t see your screenshots at the moment.

But it’s a funny bug - my (un?)qualified guess is an error in webserver setup.

I can see them now. It might be that the files are uploaded to the root of the fp-user, but need to be uploaded to a directory in the root of the ftp-user - could be called public_html, www, or something else.

And, yes, I’m only guessing.

Erik, That’s good hint. It seems that even though /index.htm is updated with the latest posts (or even deleted), http://broadbent.net/index.htm is actually looking at /www/htdocs/index.htm. Any pointer as to what file I can modify so it instead picks up /index.htm?

And thanks for the help!

And another question is who (what program) has created this www directory? My own hosting does not have it. Could it have something to do with Google Analytics? My friend once hired some Google consultant to setup GA on his site (and I see urchin and urchin5 under www directory), I wonder if they screwed it up.