Where is the DNS settings?

I have a domain registered with DH. I have email attached to my domain that is working.

When I login to DH, I don’t see that I have any email services at all…yet my email works. Where can I find the MX records? This is the only thing I can think of that would allow my email to work without any email services on my DH account.

Also, I am ready to build a Wordpress website on my domain. I currently do not have hosting services with DH. How do I set that up? I’m also wondering about the uptime statistics with DH as I see right now things are down from a dDos attack.

The MX servers are managed in the Mail tab of the control panel. The knowledge base has articles on how to change the MX records and more. Start from

To setup WordPress on your hosting account, also check the knowledge base.

Where did you read that there is a DDoS attack? https://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ doesn’t seem to mention attacks.

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