Where is the Control Panel?


So I’m new to Dreamhost (howdy), and I’m just having a little bit of trouble navigating.

I see the control panel where I have one domain. I have this domain with godaddy and have directed the nameservers to Dreamhost’s three servers - hooray.

Now how do I access the Control Panel just for this site? A friend (not available) told me each site would have a control panel where there were site stats, file manager, etc., and access could be given to users.

On my last hosting company, I would type in www.domain.com/cpanel and I could log into it. How do I get to the Control Panel just for this domain, through Dreamhost?

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I guess I should have been more specific. I have access to the Dreamhost control panel, and it’s great.

Is there a control panel just for each site, where I can view and upload files, make changes, view stats, etc.

In my old hosting company, I had a main control panel - just like https://panel.dreamhost.com, and then I could select one of my websites from that main control panel, and it would go to a separate one JUST for the website. It was located at www.mydomain.com/cpanel and I could log in JUST to that website’s control panel (not all the others).

Am I to understand that every website and their files are handled under https://panel.dreamhost.com?

Sorry for the confusion.

“It’s not that life is one damn thing after another. It’s that it’s the same damn thing over and over.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay


There is a place to manage each domain on an individual basis.
Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

They can be, although I prefer to use a local client and sftp for file management. Follow the above direction and you’ll see you can manage every aspect of each domain on an individual basis within the Panel.

Is there something more specific you’re trying to accomplish?


This isn’t your old host. DreamHost developed their own software for account and services management - they do not use CPanel or other third-party software. Don’t get confused when people call the Web Panel “Control Panel” by mistake.

They do provide a system called Account Privileges that would allow one to assign certain privileges to a separate Web Panel account. You can assign privileges regarding a certain domain to simulate each domain having a separate Web Panel of its own.

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That’s a very good point, and I’m guilty of doing that a lot.

While “Control Panel” is a different thing than cPanel, it does lead to confusion. I think the greatest part of the confusion is that DreamHost itself has called it the “Control Panel” for years.

I’m afraid if I started calling it “Web Panel” all of a sudden it would also lead to confusion, as the term “Control Panel” is used extensively in exisiting documentation (Kbase archive/wiki). In fact, DreamHost staff seem conflicted among themselves on what to call it.

I see it called “Web Panel” in the links to it on DreamHost’s website pages, and the DreamHost blog has used “panel”, “control panel”, "account control panel, and “web control panel”. The DreamHost blog onks to it as “Web Control Panel”.

I think I’m going to start calling it “Web Control Panel” for now, but am happy to call it by anything at all if it will help eliminate confusion. :slight_smile:



I’m going to call it the Master Control Program!

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