Where is php5?

I am new to php and dreamhost.

I did a phpinfo() and I saw version 4.4.2.

If php 5 is available, how can use it?


You set it in the control panel. Go to Manage Domains:

Click on Edit next to the domain under the “Web Hosting” column. Then you have the choice between php 5.1.2 and 4.4.2.

Thanks for the quick response.

Are there any known issues using php5 apposed to using php4?

Are you using any of the one-click installs? Those are listed in 3 categories based on whether they work with 4, 5, or both.

I forget what I installed once (maybe PHP Link Directory?), but the installation tripped up on one PHP version, but ran fine on it–so I installed it with 4, then switched to 5.

You can switch back and forth, so if you run into problems with 5, just switch it back.

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Properly written scripts won’t have any troubles. Properly written as in developer followed the PHP dev’s recommendations in what to do and not to do within PHP4.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

I tried installing MediaWiki. It told me it needed PHP5, so I switched my domain over to PHP5 (as described above). I tried installing MediaWiki again and it installed… but now when I try to go to the config page I get an error message saying:

So on one hand it seems the PHP change took, since it allowed the MediaWiki one-click install to work, but on the other it didn’t. Has anyone else had this problem (and how did you fix it)?


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