Where is one-click WordPress data stored?

I installed One-Click WordPress, and when I look in my ~/domain.tld folder, there is no data there except the default Dreamhost “Getting Started” files.

Where did Dreamhost install the WordPress instance?

I need to access some of the files at the filesystem level, but have no clue where they are stored.

I also have https enabled on my domain, and in order for http to redirect properly, I have to put a redirect entry into my .htaccess file in ~/domain.tld.

The site runs just fine, otherwise.


Wrong user is my first guess. But let’s find them:

First in the dreamhost panel gobto “manage domains”.

Find the domain in question, and look at the “web hosting” column. There is a “user” listed there.

Log in under that user, and change into the domain.tld directory you find there.

Lastly, when you did the one-click install, did you specify a folder? If so, change into that folder.

Your there.

The user listed is the “standard” user that I use for all of my domains. Nothing unusual here.

The only files in the /username/domain.tld directory are favicon.gif, favicon.ico, and an .htaccess file that I had to create to redirect “80” traffic to https. (This alone indicates that something is amiss.

No, I did not.

I’m tempted to just remove everything (one-click install of WP, Letsencrypt cert, and all hosting, let it sit for a day, and then redo everything. Or I may just submit a support ticket.

Followup: I logged a support ticket, and they said that it was installed under one of my usernames, but not under the “standard” name that I use regularly on my account. And therefore, the file path is based on the other username. I asked them why it would have been installed under that other name, since there was no option to select username. I am awaiting a response.

The one click is showing up when visiting the domain?

Perhaps you specified and different web directory for some reason. Go back to “Manage Domains” in the dreamhost panel. Click the “Edit” button for the domain. The page that loads will reveal the “Web Directory” that apache uses to to find files to serve for the domain. Normally (if the default was accepted) this is /home/USER/DOMAIN.TLD but the last portion is user definable.

The one click installer doesn’t ‘hide’ the files it installs. It simply puts the files in the same place you would with a manual install.

OK, I figured it out. You were correct that it was installed under the wrong username. I used the Manage Domains panel to select a different name for the domain, and move the files to the proper named location. All is well now, and the site hasn’t skipped a beat.

The only remaining issue is why the One-Click Installer installed WordPress where it did. When it’s installed under the wrong username, it’s certainly an easily fixable issue, but it doesn’t make sense why it installed it in the wrong username to begin with.

Until this becomes an issue again, I’m considering it closed.

Thank you so much for your help!