Where is my website?!

I am now beyond furious. We must be close to a entire FORTNIGHT with my website down. All I wanted to do was transfer my domain and hosting from DreamHost to Crazy Domains. I used the transfer code successfully. Crazy Domains are telling me the transfer should have been successful but that YOU wont release it.

Email has been no help. They keep telling me they will email the account holder. I AM THE FREAKING ACCOUNT HOLDER AND BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY MY EMAILS ARE DOWN!!!

This needs to be fixed or I will be seeking legal action and financial remunerations.
I should also point out the nature of my online presence. We’re a charity. We literally go undercover rescuing children from the sex trade. I will take this to the media. This might be my complaint number: 130489596

Can someone at DreamHost ACTUALLY reply?

Thank you for contacting us for help, we apologize for any frustration in the domain transfer process.

When I look at the WHOIS info I currently see that the domain has been transferred successfully over to crazy domains http://whois.domaintools.com/athousandhills.com

If you wish to also host your site with them, you will need to update the DNS and point your nameservers over to them as well. We have a guide on how to do so here:

If you still need support please supply us with a ticket# (it would start with a 7) or please supply the name it was submitted under and we can look into the status.

Matt C