Where is my IP log?

How do I find the IP address log? I read something about my host (Dreamhost) needing to have a “Weblogs.” Do I need to login under my SFTP or SSH?

I just need to check for redundant IP addresses. We’re investigating possible Google AdWords fraud.

Please help!

You can find your raw hits at /username/logs/domainname/http/access.log

Yes, you do need to use SFTP or SSH… specifically you will not be able to find that path if you use ftp.

Thanks for the quick responses. Unfortunately I’m still a bit lost.

  1. I changed “mattlem8” to a shell user and it’s ready.
  2. I tried this [ /matlem8/logs/afiniadental.com/http/access.log ] but I got an “can’t find” error page. Am I doing something wrong?

That kinda looks like a DreamHost Panel user ID. Do you use that username to upload files to your domain root?

If so, just double check that your connecting software is using port 22 (for SSH and SFTP) rather than port 21.

If you tried to ‘cd’ or ‘cat’ or ‘more’ /matlem8/logs/afiniadental.com/http/access.log’ at a shell prompt that’s most likely the cause.

Type ‘pwd’ first and find out where you are. When you first log in you should in /home/matlem8
from there type ‘cd logs/afiniadental.com/http’ (without the ')
then type ‘ls -la’ or ‘more access.log’

Yes, it’s a panel user name. Is that not right? Should I be using another user name?

I’ve tried this:

  1. To the right of user “matlem8” I clicked “Web FTP Login” and plugged in the following: Host: mpingo.dreamhost.com, User: matlem8, Port: 22, and my password but it didn’t work.

  2. I plugged “/matlem8/logs/afiniadental.com/http/access.log” into my browser. Is that correct? Or should I be putting it somewhere else?

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

You should see afiniadental.com - then next to it Fully Hosted / User: username

That username is the one to use when logging in to SFTP :slight_smile:

Ok, I was able to access “port 22” and the “HTML” folder with my FTP program. So what file am I looking for? Is it something like this “access.log.2013-01-16”?

That looks like an archive of the previous days logs - so yes. The file named simply “access.log” is today’s logs.

If you download archived files you can open them using a program such as WinRAR, etc.

I’m totally new to all this stuff, and I have a situation where I have to access my log file to track a bot that evades Statcounter and other tracking programs.

I know I need to use SFTP to access the files, but is there any easy (read ‘free’) way to do that? So far I’ve been using file explorer to do all my FTP work. Do I need to shell the money out for a program like SmartFTP in order to access this, or is there an avenue provided by Dreamhost?

WinSCP: http://winscp.net

Thanks! That looks perfect! I downloaded the program, though, and entering my server and usual FTP access information doesn’t work.

The program says it can’t connect and then says 'Are you sure the host is running an SFTP server?

Is there a different access code I need to try to get on this sucker using SFTP as opposed to regular FTP?

File protocol: SFTP
HostName: yourdomain.tld
username and password should be all you need.

The user/pass will be the same as ftp.

Also navigate to “manage users” in the panel and click edit next to the user in question and make sure the radio button on the next page isn’t set on “ftp only”.

Thanks a ton. I hadn’t changed the account over to an sftp or a shell account. Now I have access! You guys are great.