Where is my admin page for miva merchant?

the specific setup of my
pages using the miva merchant modules.
panel.dreamhost site contains instruction pages for setting up miva merchant. the introduction specifically

enter the configuration information into the Payment Wizard

it also says on page 8
enter the payment gateway information using the payment wizard for the payment module you select.

how do i access the Adminstration Interface Menu?
i can’t access it by clicking on
as far as i know i can’t use a program to launch mvc files
what do i click on?

is that Adminsitration Interface Menu where i find and launch the Payment Wizard? what page or link to i click on? it’s certainly not accessible thru the web panel. is there a setup program that i launch to get this wizard?

page 10 says to click on the triange next to stores in the Administration Menu
how do i access the Administration Menu to get to the triangle?
will this triange bring me to the menu that has the
payment wizard
and the
payment configuration form ?

i want to set up each and every payment module.

how do i launch the Adminstration Menu and do i launch it via your panel.dreamhost.com
or via ftp?