Where is .htaccess in dreamhost

Hi there:

I am having some permalink issues as my wordpress blog looks by default for older posts in a page with the following structure… /page/2.

Which is completely wrong.

It seems that I need to modify the .htaccess file but it does not seem to exist in the dreamhost installation. Is that the case? If it is… does anybody know how to work around this or which Apache file I need to modify?


it’s normally a hidden file at the base of your website. try ls -a to see list hidden files with other files

When installing WP there is no .htaccess. This is only created when WP needs it for plugins or any other reason.

bobocat is right about how to show the .htaccess (and all hidden files) with an FTP program.

It is also possible that you have misconfigered the permalinks AND sometimes it even helps to just resave the permalinks, because sometimes they just stop working.