Where is files on my site?

support just says evrything is ok on the server side, but my site is empty, ftp password is not hacked, what is going on here?
anyone?, please help me !

Hmm. You’re not giving us much information to go on, but we’ll use our powers of telepathy and read your mind to figure out what steps you’ve taken to date and determine what you did wrong. :slight_smile:

Either that or we’ll just take guesses and hope for the best.

Is this a new site? Are you sure that DNS has propagated? Did you register at DreamHost or did you register at a different registrar? If so you’ll need to change the nameservers at your registrar.

If you give us your domain name we can check if your site looks fine here. If it does it might be that you just need to clear your browser cache.

I really don’t want to waste too much of your time shooting in the dark. Give us more details about your situation and we’ll be able to be more discriminating with our advice!

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and www.3m.bnportal.com

evrything workin fine till today. domain is registered on dreamhost.

any other question?

when i connected on ftp, folders bnportal and 3m.bnportal there but inside is evrything empty?

one of my other site is hacked, but files are there :slight_smile:

i didnt touch anything(only changed ftp password like help manual says) becouse somebody from support can find out what is happend better then me, i hope so :slight_smile:

What’s in the .htaccess for your site?

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there is nothing, evrithing is missing… and .htacess is missing also…

joomla was there, when i go to control panel-accunt test i have this
" mail service for user crnovino on spork error Your email address’s POP3 password is misconfigured. help"

Ooohhh, I think I missed that. So when you say support said “everything is ok”, what do you mean? Did you tell them that all your files disappeared? Do they claim that the files are there?

What does “last” from the command line say?

You may have to restore from backup.

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that was automated message from support system ticket

-What does “last” from the command line say? -
i dont understand this question

how can i restore joomla site without files, i have only mysql database backup, without images and graphic?

is there any “button” called backup site or something like that?

i belive there is some backup hard disk for restore my site, but no human answer from dreamhost support about my problem

Do you find anything in your .snapshot directory?

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yes, but this is to complicated for me…

Customer service is very fast :))), and they will do backup for my site! Thanks people!

"All our packages include full backup “snapshots” of your data at various
regular intervals (two hourly, two daily, and two weekly). If you
accidentally delete an important file, you can restore it yourself or let
our customer service team know right away and we’ll do our best to
recover it in a recent state for you! Of course, you should ALWAYS keep
your OWN backup copies of everything of any importance to you no matter
what. But we’ll do our best to make sure you never need them! "

God bless dreamhost company !

Glad things worked out for you!

Do you use PuTTY for command line access? If so, you can issue the command "last | grep " to get your most recent logins via either ssh/telnet or ftp. You can use this to figure out if someone has accessed your account without authorization.

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