Where is error log on VPS?

Sorry if this is a very basic question, but I can’t find where the Apache error log is located for my VPS. I’ve looked in /logs/mydomainname.com/ via FTP but that directory is empty.

Any help would be very welcome, thank you.


You must use SFTP or ssh to access you apache logs. You have the correct path, it’s just not available via FTP

Thank you LakeRat! Got it. :slight_smile:

Can you give exact instruction as to how to access this.

My error log for lasvegasworldnews.com are empty via FTP SFTP and I can’t get to them via SSH.

Why are the empty?

Can you give easy step by steps commands for either putty or winscp?

Try going to ~/logs/lasvegasworldnews.com/http

It’s not empty, I just looked at it.

They do appear empty if you’re using FTP… Make sure you are logging in via SFTP.

I got it thanks. I was never able to get in via webftp.

Correct webFTP is ftp and not SFTP, therefor logs won’t be availble on webftp.

It’s all good now but …
I do know that webFTP is still FTP but I followed the instruction that DH put out which is probably what the other guy did too. You know people like me really depend on the information in the Dreamhost Wiki and it’s wrong. And then support thinks I am a moron when I am writing that I followed the instructions and can’t find my logs.
This is right from here:

Manage Domains Panel
Click here to see where the WebFTP link is in our Manage Domains panel

You can check your error.log in an FTP program. The following instructions relate specifically to our WebFTP resource, but you can use a FTP client on your own computer as well.

Login to FTP. [b]To use WebFTP, go to Manage Domains and click on "WebFTP" under the domain in question.
Once you are in WebFTP, find the white field that has your domain directory name in it. It should be just above the text reading "root/yourdomain.com".
WebFTP Panel
Click here to see what the WebFTP panel looks like
In that field, type "logs/yourdomain.com".
Then click on "http" or "http.123456" (or whatever random numbers follow the http name).
On that page, click on "View" to the far right under "Actions" for the file error.log.

You can also just move to the root directory for your user, and navigate to logs/yourdomain.com/http.

That will let you see your error.log so you can find out exactly what errors your site has registered.

Wow… yup… that is out of date… =]