Where is DreamHost's Pydio Directory?

New user here. Admittedly, I don’t fully understand the idea of directory. Based on my understanding, for a site to be found by DreamHost it must be in the FTP server’s Directory. I’m using DreamHost’s Pydio and cannot find any place titled Directory. Where do I put my site files for upload? Thank you in advance!

Between your two postings it’s hard to determine what your issue is. I suspect files placed in the wrong directory.

For my example let’s use a user named USERNAME and a domain called EXAMPLE.COM

When you use the manage domains page of the dreamhost panel to add hosting to EXAMPLE.COM you will specify user USERNAME. User USERNAME is the only user you can upload files to for this domain. Also the dreamhost panel will create a directory for you named EXAMPLE.COM inside that directory is where your files will be uploaded.

a file named index.htm index.html or index.php (plus more) will have special meaning to the server.

/home/USERNAME/EXAMPLE.COM/index.htm will appear at http://EXAMPLE.COM
/home/USERNAME/EXAMPLE.COM/picture.jpg will appear at http://EXAMPLE.COM/picture.jpg

/home/USERNAME/EXAMPLE.COM/folder/index.htm will appear at http://EXAMPLE.COM/folder
/home/USERNAME/EXAMPLE.COM/folder/picture.jpg will appear at http://EXAMPLE.COM/folder/picture.jpg

and so on…