Where is Concrete5?



Maybe I missed something here (I did search fairly thoroughly) but I’m not seeing Concrete5 on the 1-click instals anymore. Before I go get it at their site and manually install it, I figured I’d ask around here and see if anybody knows why it’s not there.

I really like using it, and had plans to use it for a few sites in the near future. It was really convenient to have it in the 1-click list.


The Concrete5 install is temporarily disabled while the authors make some changes that we’ve requested to improve security. Once that’s handled, the updated version will be made available.


Was this an issue with the C5 installation script, or does the core require patching?

Also, is this regarding v5.5.2 ? There have been some whinings about it elsewhere as well.


concrete5 should be available here again now.

The only issue was dreamhost decided they’d like to change the permissions on the /files/ directory and concrete5 needed to be tweaked to allow that. You don’t need to patch anything or be concerned about “security issues”. This wasn’t some thing that was “discovered”, it was simply the way concrete5 has been built for years.

5.5.2 should provide the level of flexibility dreamhost wanted in terms of configuring file permissions.

ceo, concrete5.


Thanks for clearing that up, Franz.