Where do podcast/MP3 Files go?

This is so basic, it is embarrassing. After I record my MP3 file, where do I upload it so that Podpress can find it?

Put it anywhere you like, but tell Podpress what directory you will be putting them in…I use a folder called /media

Bob Bichler
Ordinary Average Guy Podcast

I’m so new this answer doesn’t tell me anything :wink:

I created a file called podcast in my FTP server in the plugins directory. I must use podcast, 'cuz podpress does not work with wordpress 2.7.1.

I need to have a URL for the individual media file and http://www./kendylsopenhouse.com/wp-content/plugins/podcasting/Podcast Episodes didn’t work and neither did http://www./kendylsopenhouse.com/wp-content/plugins/podcasting/name of file. Also, in order to create a v-cast available in i-tunes store, I need a file that has an rss feed. how do I do that?

If you could be so kind as to include the whole link- that would be really cool. Thanks!