Where do I put my index.html file


New to DreamHost as of 1.5 hours ago. I’m using WS_FTP LE to upload to monkey.dreamhost.com. I have uploaded my index.html but when I type my domain name http://www.eric135.net I get a 404 error. I’ve read the support pages and have created a subdirectory called /eric.net and uploaded my index.html file there. Still get the 404 error. So I made another subdirectory called /public_html and uploaded my index.html there, still get the 404 error. I have checked to be sure I am sending files as ascii files (they don’t work as binary files either). My index.html file is coded in Notepad, not a WYSIWYG editor (such as Frontpage).

Any ideas?


Thanks! I got a message from Support that I needed to wait a couple of days for my website to propagate (gosh, who would have known? :slight_smile:

Another question… once i make that /eric135.net subdirectory, do i put EVERYTHING under that subdirectory… and what’s the src command for, say, image1.jpg that’s in subdirectory /images under /eric135.net, src=“images/image1.jpg” or src=“eric135.net/images/image1.jpg” ? I think I just can’t get my brain around how to manage this /eric135.net subdirectory, and I don’t know how to code it…

Phoenix, AZ


Hey Bob :slight_smile:

Well my site came up early this morning, and I had been coding html throughout the night and amazingly everything works, so I must have done it right… Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile:

Phoenix, AZ