Where do I place certain files when uploading?

I’m an absolute novice when it comes to any and all of this stuff.

The purpose of my site is to host my photos and eventually get a bit of e-commerce going. I still have hosting with Smugmug, but find that it’s a bit of a pain to maintain and I don’t really like the complexity of it. Hence my being here.

For the time being, I’m using the Web module of Lightroom 3 in order to export photo galleries to my desktop, which are then shuttled to my site via Cyber Duck. The galleries contain the necessary elements needed for a full HTML webpage. I’ll eventually be purchasing third party plug-ins for LR3’s web module which will greatly expand upon its capabilities for web site creation.

Here’s where the question(s) comes in: When exporting the index.html file, along with the resources and content folders to my desktop, those things are all in a main folder which Lightroom makes me name upon export. If I place that whole folder at the root level of my website, visitors are presented with an index of links. But if I put the index.html file directly at root level without that extra parent folder, then all seems well as far as I can tell.

But what I’m concerned with is, seeing as how I had to take the index.html file out of its extra folder and put it at root level, I’m just wondering if it’s ok that all the other individual files are sitting in the “resources” and “content” folders ? And what about all other subsequent folders or html indexes? Obviously not everything should go on one page… I haven’t messed around enough with settings so maybe it’s easier than I think, I just want to make sure that I"m putting files in the right place.

Sorry for the long and possibly unnecessary babbling!


The question is, does the site work correctly when you move that index.html up one directory? As you are navigating the site is the ‘content’ found? If you see no errors then Lightroom 3 was probably designed with that in mind.

Now if you want to move every file up one level (thus eliminating extrafolder completely) then you would log into your shell account and type:

cd mydomain.com/extrafolder -> change to the folder in question
pwd -> since the next cmd can a be dangerous lets make sure folder is right

mv * … -> that’s MoVe every file and folder(*) to the dir above (…)

Yep, absolutely. The site seems to work just fine once I move that index.html file to my root folder instead of keeping it in the one which LR created. Was just confused and curious to know if that folder (the one created by lr) needs to be maintained for any particular reason? Because it would seem that once I move everything up one level (which would be root), things can become a bit of a mess rather quickly once I start uploading more.

As far as the rest of what you said, concerning logging into my shell account, all that is lost on me. I’m an extra special newb! If it’s all the same, I can just drag the contents out of the created folder to root from within my FTP client, CyberDuck. Though, that would be of course a pita if I had to do it all the time.

Then again, all of this could become a moot point, since I’ll eventually be purchasing some third party plug-ins that are designed to circumvent the way LR outputs CSS, HTML and JS code in its web module. And the person I’m purchasing those things from has a support forum and lots of tutorials. I’ll likely get a lot of help and answers from that source when the time comes.

Just trying to get a grasp of the basic stuff here first. Are there any tutorials that one can browse for basic/beginners info via Dream Host’s site?

Thanks for your help!

My guess would be that Lightroom just creates the parent folder to keep the index.html file and content / resources folders all in one place. Nothing more complex than that!