Where do i copy my files to?

i think i am ready to upload files from my website (on hard drive) to dreamhost. my question is, where do i upload them to? here is a link to an image with source files on the left, and my dh directories on the right side: link to image

i’m not sure but i think i need mysql also, should i install that first and foremost?

ok, that’s enuf questions for now. 8)

if you have any questions for me, fire away :slight_smile:

if ragesports.us is your domain, you will not a folder (right side) by that name, that is were the files for ragesports.us go.

You don’t need to install mySQL. The wiki page is here http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mysql but the short answer is its insalled, you need to add a hostname, user and database tho.

ok, im sorry, i am having trouble understanding the underlined part in the quote. does the underlined part mean (a) or (b)?
(a) you will not need a folder
(b) you will need a folder

again, sorry, i do apologize for not being able to get the gist of the situation.

i went ahead and assumed (a) to be the correct interpretation.

copied my website files and directories to the “root” directory of my dreamhost file area.

i have issued the nameserver change command to my registered domain name (or whatever it is). they say up to 48 hours for the change to take place.

[quote]if ragesports.us is your domain, you will not a folder (right side) by that name, that is were the files for ragesports.us go. [quote]

I believe LakeRat meant to say:

Anything you drop into the ragesports.us directory will be visible on the web at ragesports.us.

thank you for verifying what i thought to be true. i appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Actually he meant you will notice.

Sorry all, not sure why I missed this thread in follow ups.

That is the closest answer to my typo… It should have read “you will note

ok, so i have a guy over at freelancers.com and he has looked at the files i have uploaded. he says my project ($25 USD) is going to take more work/time than he anticipated. never saw that one coming. maybe i should have seen it coming.

is there anyone here who, while not willing to work on the project, would be willing to look at the stuff i have uploaded. and, just for shts and giggles, see what needs to be done and/or help me budget the project to pay someone else to have it done.

i’m looking for a hobbyist, who out of curiosity of freak things, will say “oh yea he’s gonna need this done…and this…”