Where did my site go?

I had a personal site up for my friends and family. I have been out of the country for the past five months and I just got around to updating it and its gone. My Dreamhost subscribition was automatically renewed in July.
When I type my web address into my browser I get a message that msn.search can not find my site.
I want to put up a brand new site using FrontPage anyway, but I’m having trouble with the ftp uploading. Are these to things related? I have been browsing through the beginners posts about about FP and ftp, but I haven’t found any help.
I would apperciate any help I could get on this topic.

Thanks, Drew

well, msn may not have your site in their search engine. Why don’t you just type in your web address in the address bar, instead of searching.

I don’t think he’s searching for it. If the site in question is the one in Drew’s profile, I get the “can’t be found” message, too.

I did a whois seach and while your domain is registered until next year, it looks like there’s a registrar hold on it.

You need to check with support to find out what the problem is. Be sure to specify it as a “site outage” because that will get you the quickest response.

The subject of site outage is agreed with.
As for front page why would anyone want to do that is beyond me. Please read the FAQ’s on front page extensions. Front page extensions double the size of files and double the bandwidth usage for a site. Would never used it and have in the past. Suggest notepad for learning and dreamweaver or chamoi for a free good wysiwyg editor. Really suggest hand coding to learn first.