Where did my payment go?

Ok, i got really diasapointed and a bit offended with an email i just got from dreamhost.

Some weeks ago i payed my domains and my hosting plan. Today i got an email asking me to make a payment in order to renew.

What da… i checked my ballance it’s 0$. It had money that had been used to make the payment some time ago. I mean: everything went normaly with the payment a couple of weeks ago.

No this email giving me a week to pay. I already payed… so i wonder what da heck is this.

Please, any dreamhost staff member contact me through private message as there is no category named “billing” or whatsoever in the support form.

Actually, you could either just select some random options in the support form (it goes to support anyways) or you could contact sales here: http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

Good luck all the same - it sounds like either the system has your account setup wrong, or you chose to go with monthly payments, which would explain why they’re asking you to pay within another week. In fact, I would believe that over your account being setup wrong.

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If you purchased a monthly plan, you have to renew monthly.

If you purchased a yearly plan, there must be something wrong with DH’s system. I’ll suggest you to log into DH’s panel and use DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support to contact DH support. And please select a right category.

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