Where did my hostname go?

I haven’t been able to access my web site (a WordPress blog) and keep getting a notice that the database is inaccessible. I finally noticed that on the SQL page that blog’s database says “NO hostnames for these databases… They are inaccessible until you add one!”

So, does that mean that that database disappeared somehow? I tried restoring it but no go. Do I add one with the same name I had before and that will automatically restore it?

Is it “normal” for a database to go bye-bye without an invitation to leave?

Can’t figure this one out at all.

Is it the database that’s gone or is it the database server? For instance for my sites my database server is something like mysql.somedomainofmine.org and the database that wordpress uses on that server is named something like somedomainofmine_wordpress.

Under “Goodies” in the control panel you should see the (virtual) database server names that you set up and the actual databases that are set up on your mysql server. You should see the database you had originally set up.

Some possible things that could be wrong are:

  1. WordPress has “lost” your database settings (name of the server or name of the database).
  2. Your virtual server name has “disappeared”.
  3. Your database has disappeared.
  4. Uh, something else could be wrong, but let’s see if it’s one of those top three.

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