Where can we find the articles hosted in the old DreamHost wiki?

Do you remember those useful resources hosted on the old dh wiki?
These forums still contain tons of links pointing to that beauty, … dead, all of them.
I wonder if there is any chance of getting them back to life …
Or maybe just the clueless is me ;(


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Could you give me an example of such resources from the old wiki? Those articles were migrated more than a year ago to the new knowledge base and if I remember correctly, the articles were redirected to the new URLs.

If there are any specific resources you’re thinking we can rebuild and, most like, update those refences to modern times too.

In this post Mutt through user@mail.domain, try this
"… instructions in http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mutt 5. An example …"

Thanks for the extra details. Thank the Internet Archive, I found its content:


I bet that page was not copied on purpose (see the warning on the archived wiki page.)

That said, if you use Mutt and the content of that wiki page is still useful, I’d suggest you to copy it over to a new post here in the #howto category: every post in that category is a wiki page and the forum’s search engine will do the rest :slight_smile:

the Internet Archive, the memories of the web, saving our day. Nice!
tante grazie, Stefano

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