Where can I put the promo code


It’s my first time signing up for webhosting, I clicked a link in facebook about dreamhost for only $3.95 with free domain for new year promo. I signed up. There is no box to put the promo code. I thought that it will be maybe at the last part. Too bad I already entered my card information and now I was charged $9.99 for the domain name.

I am newbie so if I missed out something Im sorry. I saw this message when I’m signing up.

Eligible Free Domains
If you decide to register a new domain, then you will be charged today for the domain name and TLD that you choose. If you selected one of the four eligible free TLDs, then a credit of $9.95 would be applied to the cost of the hosting plan after the two-week trial ends. The credit negates the cost of the domain registration, so the domain ends up being free. Please refer to our wiki for
more details.

Does that means that it will be deducted?
Check - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Free_Registration
I checked my account 1 year is $9.95 so that means I didn’t get the promo. I signed up on 1-4-2013.

Anyone can help me?
Thank you very much masters =)

Welcome to DreamHost! :slight_smile:

You’ll be credited after the 2 week trial and you’ll also receive a credit each year so that you can re-register the domain name (or you can even use the credit to buy a new domain name if you like).

Thanks for the very helpful information @sXi see you around. I will be constantly hanging around here needing some simple help from the masters like you hahaha

Good stuff.

There are plenty of really helpful people here if you ever run into trouble and DreamHost Support is top shelf.