Where can I find my FTP password?

Hi All,
Every other host I have used uses the same passowrd/username for control access and FTP but when I try to use FTP here on Dreamhost it says invalid password.

  1. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Where can I find my FTP password?

Thanks in advance!

have you added a user yet? Users and domains are tied together at dreamhost, see : http://wiki.dreamhost.com/One_User_Per_Domain_Policy

First visit manage domains in the panel https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&
and look at webhosting column to determind whihc “user” applies to the domain.

Then if you need to you can change the password using Manage Users in the panel: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=users.users&

Thanks for the info. My username does have access to the domain under Manage Users. But when I check the Manage Domains it says a different user has access. So I clicked the “Edit” to set it and my username is already set as the user for FTP. So what am I doing wrong. All I want to do is use FileZilla for my FTP client not the included with dreamhost. But I can’t access with the dreamhost FTP client. So I have to be missing something. What is it?

You can’t really tell from Manage Users what domains the user has access to. Log in via the user that is listed in the “web hosting” column of "manage domain"s.

It’s not hard to use filezilla with dreamhost. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/FileZilla_Setup

To answer your question what are you missing, I believe it’s an understanding of how users are associated to domains. There is only one user per domain, a second can’t have access as your post above implies.

You FTP user/pwd is not the same as the controle panel user/pwd.
You have gotten the FTP user/pwd in an email after you first signed up.
You can also just change/set a new user/pwd for FTP by going to User>Manage Users>Edit. There you will see you can set a new password and your username you can find at the top of that page in Blue letters.