Where are the servers located?

I’m considering dreamhost.com, but I don’t know if they are located in the USA.

If they are hosted in the USA, does anyone know a hosting company that isn’t?


yeppers, they’re in LA (that’s the little gray part of California :wink: )
There are many hosts outside of the US…many many many.


Can I ask why you are looking for non USA based hosting?

I am located in Australia and (so far) have found USA based hosting to be as convenient as hosting located here in Australia and significantly less expensive.


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maybe something to do with the patriot act?

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Very good point! And, quite possibly, a very good reason to use “unamerican” hosting!


Can you please explain to a nonamerican how the Patriot Act would be a problem for any normal personal, community, or business website?

I’ve been with several providers in Denmark before moving to DreamHost, and I can honestly say that DH is so much better in terms of price, service, offerings, honesty, … I wouldn’t want to move away without extreme reasons.

The only reasons I can think of for specifically wanting non-American hosting is that the site must be for something that is anti-American, or illegal. For example, it might be for distributing illegal pharmaceuticals, or kiddie porn.

Simon Jessey
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It’s not a big deal for “normal” people who trust the US government re their privacy.

This gives some background

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I agree completely with your assesment of the value of DH! While I can only guess what you mean by “normal”, I am an American who is apalled with the provisions of the “Patriot Act”, and am still amazed that any American “patriot” wouldn’t be ourtraged at the departure from traditional American concepts of freedom and privacy that the Patriot Act" introduces into our way of life </end political statement> (Bad Robert! Bad!)


I can think of several reasons.

  1. Sites hosted in the US are subject to the DMCA.
  2. Sites hosted here are subject to arbitrary search as per the provisions of the patriot act.
  3. Sites in the U.S. are subject to weird per state anti-obscenity laws which ban a lot of normal pornography.
  4. Sites hosted here are subject to bizarre attempts by Congress and state legislatures to ban certain types of porn.

Those three reasons alone have forced many sites into other countries such as Canada and the Netherlands. None of the above is anti-American or child pornograpgy.



Come on, now! Was your reply a “troll”?. Not wanting one’s site to be subject to the recent spate of freedom and privacy erosions embodied in the DCMA and the Patriot Act, or having the site subject to the myriad of state laws enacted by the currently ruling American fundementalist/conservative power base is neither “anti-american” or “illegal”.

I’m an American, a veteran, and I consider myself a patriot, but I am appalled at the current state of things in the USA as well the “arrogance” of most Americans when confronted with much of the rest of the world’s dismay with our current state of repressive law. Wan to to have some fun? Google around a bit for “fascism”, read up, and compare what you find to the current state of American “freedom”.


No. I just couldn’t think of any other reasons for wanting non-American webhosting.

The original poster did not say what the domain was for. It may have nothing to do with DCMA, the Patriot Act, or state laws. For all we know, it is for kiddie porn!

I would describe myself as a person who is in favor of civil liberties and freedom, so I don’t like the Patriot Act (or, for that matter, the politics behind it); however, I don’t think it is a subject that is suitable for this board.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites (business site) | si-blog (personal site with affiliate links)

That is true

An that is possible, though I always prefer, when someones motives are unknown, to presume the best in others rather than the worst :slight_smile:

I suppose it just bothered me that it sometimes seems Americans are too quick to presume the worst when a person is reticent to subject themselves to the “American” version of propriety and our regulations. Phrases like “normal person” and “anti-American” almost always get my dander up because of all the prejudice they often represent. And I strongly believe it is wrong to equate “illegal” with “patriotism” or morality.

Totally agree with you on that one! I wish I hadn’t t let my frustration with the DCMA and Patriot act “out of it’s box”, and, with this post, I’m stuffing it “back into the box”.


Thanks for the links…I just read in its entireity the Washington Post Article the eff piece referred to, and I am very depressed and discouraged. Thanks for the info…

Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the links. America is amazing - free speech is allowed even when criticizing laws re freedom.

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I agree. Even though this country has flaws, I would like to live nowhere else (hence my nickname ;). At least we can change the laws through organized action.


Dreamhost is pretty clear in their terms of service that kiddie porn is specifically prohibited.

There are lots of reasons to locate offshore. TheNationalist listed several. I have a friend that recently found hosting in Costa Rica for a gaming site he created. US law hasn’t been put to a test case yet, which is why EVERYTHING (incorporation, servers, etc.) related to sites like PartyPoker is housed offshore… operators don’t want to take any chances on getting the plug pulled as part of a fishing expedition by the Justice Departement.

If it wasn’t for DH’s US servers, I’d be hosting my friend’s new business. To be honest, I don’t blame him.

Nothing much to add, but just wanted to say “most interesting thread of the day” something-or-other.

With regard to the Patriot act / DCMA; It is interesting to note that the US is not alone in taking such measures, other western governments are headed in a similar direction. For example; The Australian government (of particular concern to me, as I live here) has recently enacted similar legislation to ‘combat terrorism’.

We live in dangerous times.


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