Where are my Wordpress files on one-click install?


Hi. I’m pretty new to the back end of the web, so please forgive if this is an obvious question:

I tried to manually install Wordpress following some instructions from a Lynda.com tutorial and I’m pretty sure I did everything right, but I couldn’t get past the point where Dreamhost says I haven’t put anything on this subdomain yet, so I tried the one-click install. This worked fine, but I don’t see the Wordpress files where I installed it. Is this just the way it works with the one-click install? You can’t access any of the Wordpress files like the wp-config.php? Or am I missing something?


  • Bruce


No, you should see your files. Did you create a sub-domain and then install WP? The files belong to the user who is assigned to that subdomain. Go back to the DH dashboard and see which user you created the one-click under. Then, FTP in using that user. The files should be there.

If you are not seeing them then there may be an issue with the files not belonging to you but still belonging to the DH one-click robot. I had that happen once when a domain had not fully propagated before I used the one-click installer. Ended up with a useless version of WP I needed DH to delete for me.


Thanks for the help! I was looking in the wrong place with the wrong user.

  • Bruce