Where are my files with sftp?


I am new to using dreamhost and have some questions about using sftp. I had been using ftp and then came to realize that I should be using sftp. I switched to sftp, then changed to sftp in Aptana and now there are a ton of folders that are available to me. What folder path holds the actual files that I have been working in and the domains I have? I can just change where Aptana browses from, but I need to know where my files are.

Any help on this would be wonderful.



Just keep moving up until you reach your home directory which contains all your domains e.g. ‘example.com’, as well as the ‘logs’ and ‘Maildir’ folders.


That’s confusing because the path to home directory is /home/USER/ where USER is replaced with the ftp/shell username. The path to a domains would be /home/USER/DOMAIN.COM/ where USER and DOMAIN.COM are replaced by the user name and actual domain name.

I looked in the home file and there is nothing there. There are a total of 27 folders (many of which have a list of sub folders just a long). Usr folder didn’t seem to have what I am looking for.

If it helps the first few folders are
(insert many more folders here)

When I set up the connection as ftp this isn’t an issue. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for any help.


Seems like you are in the server root, try go to home/your username…

I have the same problem, but when using Notepad++ with its NppFTP plugin.
When connecting to my domain, I have “password authentication” checked. FTP works fine connecting to my home directory and its nested domain name folders. However, If I just switch it to SFTP mode, the connection then displays the Unix directory instead (BIN,BOOT, DEV, ETC…). Nothing is in the HOME folder. I did a chat with DH and they could not understand this issue!

NOTE: In Filezilla, if I log into ftp://mydomain.com I get the expected list of domain subfolders displayed. If I log into sftp://mydomain.com I get the same thing, which implies to me that it’s working correctly. Just have problems with Notepad++ and other ftp products.