Where are DreamPress backups?

According to the DreamPress site, one of the features is a daily backup of files and DB. Where do these go? Would I have direct access to them or need to contact support when/if needed? How many days/weeks of backups would they have?

I noticed the DreamObjects plugin was added to my DreamPress install. Do I need to have this on for backups? Looks to be a cost associated with this storage.

Thanks for helping clear this up!

Wanted to share what support told me regarding backups for DreamPress. Daily backups are not available to you as the site owner. They are made daily and about 7 days are kept - you can restore with a request from your Panel. I didn’t ask if they would be able to send me a backup upon request so I could attempt a local restore first (somehow I doubt it). Anyway, they also said these daily backups are NOT guaranteed. In other words, do your own backups.