When you move a server

A suggestion for Dreamhost: When you move a VPS server, changing its IP address, be kind enough to tell users that have self-managed servers that it will bring their server down.

I had to find out that Apache wasn’t running, ssh in to my VPS, find httpd.conf and update all the references to the old IP address, then restart Apache. The worst part is I’m guessing that that’s all I need to do.

Ultimately, a more understanding system for self-managed server users is what’s needed. We need to know:

– When something’s going to change. Ahead of time!
– What updates to the default Dreamhost VPS setup are needed to accommodate those changes. We can merge those updates into our own setup.

Oh, and when we talk with technical support, make sure they don’t say “nothing’s changed recently” when it definitely has.


Thank you for your feedback! We are really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We do have a specific team that should be contacting you prior to the moves. We are currently looking into what may have happened with your account and how we may improve our communication moving forward.


Fabian M.