When will server upgrades finish?

When I signed up w/ DH… I noticed amazing response times (speed was never an issue), then the response times went down dramatically… (perhaps a mysql overload issue - since my site is database driven – aren’t all sites nowadays?) I’m really uncomfortable with the response times because of the server upgrades, so if you can tell me when the server upgrades will finish, that would be great so I know how to plan for marketing for my site… I have to hold off on my marketing plans because of the server upgrades and the reduction in response times… (it really shouldn’t be that way)… so far it’s been a pleasure w/ DH but the response times is just unbearable…

According to the Dreamhsot Newsletter they are about 1/3 of the way through the sarge upgrades… So given that it took a bit less than a month to accomplish this, then in a worst case scenario it will be two more months before they are finished.

However, the server upgrades shouldn’t be making Apache or Mysql respond slower. I’m wondering if the problem really is that someone is overloading one of the servers you’re using - and if that’s the case then you would want to contact support to ask what’s going on.

I can’t say that I do anything all that intensive with my sites, but they have not been responding slowly.