When will my site be up?

Hey everyone, i was wandering when my site will be up, i bought it today, and i FTP’d SMF into it, but its not there yet

any ideas why?

thanx in advance

DNS propigation can take upwards of 72 hours (for new domains or name server changes). Give it a while.

art.googlies.net - personal website

Patience; a new website can take 12-48 hours to propagate through the DNS servers of the Internet.

You can cheat, however - using the DNS section of the control panel you can find the numeric ip address of your site’s “www” entry and enter it in your local PC’s “hosts” file. IN MS Windows, this file is usually under C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc folder - make sure it’s called “hosts” and not “hosts.sam” (…the “sample” file) or “hosts.txt” (which MSNotepad will try to make).
For example, put a line in it that reads: www.tozzie.com…where the is the actual ip address from the DNS contrpl panel and the www.tozzie.com is your website name.

If that’s too complex, then you just hafta chill until tomorrow. :slight_smile:

thanx, its up now, but i need some help with using my old sites back p, i basically downloaded everything off of the ftp, and now i donno how to make it like my old one

thanx again

I am afraid you are going to have to be a little more specific if anyone is to offer any meaningful help. What issues are you having in uploading your site?

One thing worth mentioning; Many hosts have a public_html directory for your site files. This directory does not exist under the DreamHost system. Instead, each domain (or sub-domain) you host will have a directory having the same name as the domain (ie: mydomain.com). This is where you upload your site files.


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If you have everything downloaded to a folder, you can ftp into your account and upload it all to the folder that is named after your domain name (e.g. “yourdomain.com”). I’d recommend using a program like WinSCP if you are on windows. You should be able to connect to ftp.yourdomain.com or just yourdomain.com

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