When will my site be ready?

I bought a domain yesterday, and I haven’t gotten any email from dreamhost.
This is the second time I bought a domain, and the first with Dreamhost. The last time I bought a domain, they contacted me and sent me the billing reciepts and all sorts of things.

The signup (with Dreamhost) was pretty easy, so I’m starting to think maybe I accidently did something wrong…
Can someone please help me?

Did you sign the domain up with the Dominatron (is that what it is called these days?) service? You should of recieved an email by now.

If I was you I’d contact support@dreamhost.com or use your web panel if you’ve already have an account with as much information as possible including the domain name you tried to register, obviously.


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I’m betting you get your response in email today. There was a hacking attack last night on DH, so they were a bit busy. I’ve been with DH for a long time, and I can tell you, they are the best. If you don’t hear from them by this afternoon, contact them by using the email link on the front page http://www.dreamhost.com/ if you can’t get to your web panel.

After your account is activated, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the name servers around the net to get their databases updated, so you probably won’t “see” your site until that happens. But you will be able to build your site and FTP into it to upload your files.

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I just recieved an email from them, and apperantly there was something wrong with the email i gave them.

thanks for your help!