When will my new domain have all the content of my

…old domain? Ok…I transfered HiDawl.net to dreamhost, with the $19.00 plan. How do I upload all the contents of hidawl.COM to Hidawl.net?

Hi! Did you get a confirmation e-mail from DreamHost? This letter would tell you what machine your domain is on, and how to ftp before your domain name has propagated. I received a confirmation e-mail for each service (ftp, e-mail, etc.) as it was set up on DH.

Just download your files from the old server, then upload using your login name and pass, and connecting to the ftp server DH noted.

It can take a few days for a domain name to propagate- before it will show up in browsers all over. Start looking for this after a day or two. Once this is done, you’ll be able to ftp to ftp.Hidawl.net.

I got a letter that the web service is enabled. I think everything is enabled because I could ftp everything to hidawl.net. But my problem is that Hidawl.met has a status of “parked.” I know it’s fully hosted, but how do I get rid of the status “parked”?

Go to your account manager. From the tabs on the left, choose “domains.” Then choose “web” under domains. You should see a list of your domains. Click “edit” beside the one you want to change to fully hosted. You should then be directed to the page where you can do this.