When will my domain be activated?

I have just purchased a domain for $14.95 per year on the domain registration plan … but whenever I try to “add domain” in my control panel for parking/mirroring/redirecting, I get the message that:

You do not appear to have any services that allow you to add an extra domain. You probably want to sign up for an Extra Domain add-on at the Add Services panel.

I was wondering when it is exactly that I get to start using my domain name, seeing as the transfer went through perfectly. Does it have to be activated before it’s seen as mine (allowing me to add it), or is there something else that I should be doing instead?

Another thing… when I check the availability of my domain I get told that the domain name is available and can be registered … which is a bit worrying, as I have already paid $14.95 for it?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

I would guess that it takes a few hours or so for the registrants to note that the domain has been sold, perhaps that’s why it’s still listed? You didn’t describe how soon after your registration that you tried to use it. Again, a few hours “lag time” should be expected, but certainly no more than a day. Perhaps others have actual experience to share?

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It was just a matter of minutes before I tried it out - it’s still not showing up, so hopefully it’ll be all set in about 24 hours.