When will Dreamhost Disk Usage Panel be updated for shared hosting?

Dear Dreamhost Community,

I am glad to meet you.
I want to keep track of my disk usage as I host a lot of websites.
It’s a massive set of sites, so it’s not really possible to query usage every day in the shell for every site.
I think Disk Usage Panel is a wonderful and great idea to monitor usage of your website and I agree to update only once a day. But I wonder when the update will be released. Does it work automatically and when exactly.
Do you know the exact time + time zone?
Will the update merge at midnight?
And if so, in which time zone?
I look forward to your answers.

PS I use Dreamhost’s data center in Ashburn, Virginia.


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I gather you are talking about the disk usage info displayed on the Panel at: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=billing.disk

You’ll have to ask DH support about when the disk usage info is updated, but they may not want to guarantee the exact update time (for example, it may be updated incrementally throughout the day).

It sounds like you have specific requirements for checking disk usage. Couldn’t this be better handled with a custom shell script or Cron job?

Running a quick test on some shell users shows that the du command runs at about ~7 GB/sec on an Ashburn server with SSD drives – that seems fast enough. For example, a Cron job like the following would give you a simple report on a user’s disk usage at midnight (California time):

@daily du --summarize --si

Thank you very much.
I’ll check it out :heart_eyes:

But I have more than 100 users to monitor.
Isn’t it possible to make a CronJob for all users?

I don’t know of any direct way to set Cron jobs for multiple users, but here are some ideas based on how I handle my users (caveat: I only have ~10% as many users, so I don’t know how these techniques would scale):

Check Disk Usage on Backup

I have an off-site script that runs every day to rsync-backup all my users over SSH. Once the backup script has run, it displays disk usage info based on the backup size (and could be setup to send alerts, if needed).

Even if you don’t perform backups, a similar technique can be used to run du over SSH to collect disk usage remotely.

Centralized and Self-Updating Cron Tables

Rather than individually manage each user’s cron jobs, I have one administrative user where an all-user-crontab file is stored with read-permission for all user’s in my account’s unix-group. When I setup a new user, I cron-load the admin all-user-crontab file. The all-user-crontab file is designed to be self-updating, so any changes will propagate to all users. Here’s a sketch of what it looks like:

# All-User Crontab File

# Auto Update by reloading this file every day
@daily   crontab /home/admin/all-user-crontab

# Jobs for all users
@daily    ... # perform daily tasks: telemetry, status checks, etc
@weekly   ... # send weekly reports, etc

This technique still requires a one-time setup for each user (but that could be automated too), but after that I can treat my users as “cattle not pets.”

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