When user account was created?

Another question that is probably simple but I don’t know the answer. Is there a way to determine the date that a user under my account was created? I have a problematic client who isn’t forthcoming with payment and I want to be able to tell how long ago I originally started doing things for him.

I went into the user admin section of the panel, but wasn’t able to find anything like that in there. Thanks for any input on this.

Do a file listing of that user’s home directory, with dates. That might give you a hint. There’s also the off chance that something will show up in Support History in the panel.


I apologize for the lack of courtesy, I’ve been away for a few days. Thanks a lot for responding to my question.

I just discovered that not all “alerts” are saved in the Support history. When I created one of my user accounts, I got an email from "autocreate@dreamhost.com" that let me know the user account was created and ready to use. If you save all of your email, you should be able to find that message.