When the one-click WordPress installation goes awry



Hi all,

I’ve been with Dreamhost ten years now, and I’m cleaning up all the random installations of wordpress I have, which includes exporting some and installing them in new directories.

Once in a while I do a WordPress one-click install and the installation instruction email never arrives. After becoming impatient (anywhere between 10min and two days, depending on how busy I am) I navigate to the directory I’ve installed WP to and lo - there’s a WordPress blog there. Not the setup wizard that asks for an user/password etc info, but the Just Another WordPress Site 2017 theme blog with a stripey succulent on a table with the Hello World! post staring at me. This just happened to me two consecutive installs in a row today, but it’s not the first time it’s happened.

I have no username or password for these two blogs and in the past they’ve never been recoverable - no email ever gets sent with a password, as no email address is ever associated to the once-click install, so no new password can be sent to that email address by clicking the ‘forgot my password’ link.

A) Has anyone else ever had this happen?
B) Is there any solution to this other than nuking the install, the database associated with it, and starting again?



There are a variety of ways to reset the password. See: https://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password


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