When the account is active

ibuy a hosting plan about 30 hours ago, but isnt active.
any one know when sit it active?

It seems to vary, depending on how busy they are, among other things. Also, I’m not sure if they activate new accounts on weekends. If you’re outside of the US, that might delay it a little, but I’m not 100% sure of that one.

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is it active now? sometimes it takes a few days.

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I’m with above, I registered early on Feb 8th (US) and as of the 10th at noon still no response. I hate to but I’d have to cancel if nothing happens at end of business friday. They selection is amazing for the price, but if it doesn’t get setup in a timely manner it’s really a moot point.

Still hopeful though!

I thought I’d give Dreamhost a try and this is probably the first time I’ve ever encountered a lag in activation. Past hosts have verified and had the domain ready to go within 5 minutes.

When I signed up with DreamHost a while ago, my account was approved and ready to go within 10-15 minutes. My domain was registered and fully propagated by early the next day.

Having said that; DreamHost do have an automated fraud detection system that can flag an application for manual approval. When this occurs, the delay for approval can stretch out to a few days. More information on this fraud detection system can be found at the URL below;


Of-course, just because your particular application triggers the fraud detection system, does not mean DreamHost thinks you are out to defraud them, it just means that the automated system has detected something within your application that it ‘thinks’ needs a closer look.

Also, the number of forum posts recently regarding promo-codes not working correctly, would seem to indicate that there may be a problem somewhere in the promo-code / referral system.


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Good points. Well, they have my payment so hopefully I can get things up and running sooner than later. I did use a promo code. And if it an issue with a break in a tool then I’m sure they’re working on it. I’d probably be less inclined to frustration if there was some blurb from DH that they’re working on it :slight_smile:

Ok now we’re heading into a weekend so if there are still accounting issues it might take longer.

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