When should my site be live?


I registered a new hosting account and domain (www.liam27.com) with dreamhost at approx 10 o’clock Friday evening Australian time (Friday 5am Californian time).

I have uploaded a couple of folders but am still not able to see them live. Should they be live by now, or do I need to wait another day or so for everything to be up and running for all the world to see?

I haven’t missed turning on a “switch” in my control panel have I???



Well, it seems that DNS should have updated by now and you should be able to see your site, so maybe you did miss a step somewhere.

I suggest you check the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage domains screen and make sure that your domain is listed there.

Hosting is a “separate” process from registration and, in all the confusion of setting up an account, sometimes a registered domain never gets added to the hosting system.

If your domain is listed there, and you still cannot browse to the domain, you might share the url here so that others can see if it is reachable for them.

If it is not there, you can just “Add a domain/subdomain” from that screen, and set up the hosting for your newly registered domain (that should be “pretty quick!”)



Liam, it looks like your site is live but doesn’t contain any content. If you run a “dig liam27.com” you can see that the domain is hosted by dreamhost. If you open up http://www.liam27.com, you’ll see a blank index page.

Double check that you uploaded your files to the right location. The dreamhost default for the root directory of a site is something like /home//www.liam27.com/. You can double check the location by going to the panel, selecting “Domains” then “Manage Domains.” Find liam27.com in the list and click the [Edit] button under Web Hosting. That will take you to the “Manage Domains” page. You should see a line that says “Specify your web directory.” That value is the location of the “root” folder for your website.

Only files that are uploaded to that directory will be visible on your web site.



Is it possible that you upload the files to wrong folder?

If you log into your domain via FTP, you should see three folders in your home folder. “Maildir”, “Logs”, and “yourdomain.com”. You should upload files inside “youdoamin.com” folder.

If you log into yoru domain via WebFTP in DH panel, you will be brought inside “yourdomain.com” folder.

If you use dreamweaver to upload your files, remember to set
hostname or FTP address to yourdomain.com
folder on testing server to yourdomain.com

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Thanks guys, I’d simply uploaded my files to the first folder, rather than inside my liam27.com folder.

All sorted now, thank you!

(FWIW, I went to a skidpan day on the weekend, mine is the blue MINI on page 2 if you’re interested … http://www.liam27.com/skidpan/21Oct07/index2.html)


It is great. I’m glad that you have your website working!

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Just out of interest, if I set up a new user and folder, separate from my main liam27.com directory, so that I can share FTP access with friends, can I delete the logs and Maildir folders in the new sub-directory (and what do those folders actually do)???


Maildir is for storing emails.

Logs is for system logs.

I won’t suggest you to delete Logs folder because DH support may need to refer it. For Maildir, you don’t have to delete it if you don’t have email address set up for this account. It will be empty.

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Thank you.