When should I create a new hostname for new databases?



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When should I create a new hostname for new databases and when should I simply continue using the same hostname for new databases?

I found some info at:

“DB Hostname - You will access your database via a subdomain. Give your subdomain a unique name (not the same name as a subdomain you’ve already reserved, even for another mysql db). (Consider maybe mysql-dbname.mydomain.com)”

I also found some info at:

"Allow multiple dbs on the same hostname (and also phpmyadmin URL)."
Completed: 2006-04-04 Votes: 211 Category: “Goodies - MySQL”
“Now, all your new databases can go on the same hostname!
If you’d like to move old databases over to the same new hostname, you’ll unfortunately just have to create the new db, dump the old db data, import it, and then kill the old database. Enjoy!”

By the way, I just checked my email and DreamHost tech support responded to my support request with the following:

“It’s actually completely up to you and won’t affect anything other than the hostname you enter to connect to your database. It was put in really just for the sake of ease for our customers, and helps only it helping you to keep track of your databases. They also happen to be interchangeable.”

“You can dump them all on the same hostname if you’d like, or if you’re using multiple domains that use different databases, creating a separate host for each domain might help you to keep track of them.”

However, nothing above fully explains when I should create a new hostname for new databases and when I should just continue using an existing hostname for new databases.

So…here are some questions. Also, if any of you have “best practices” or some real-world examples of how you use multiple hostnames, that would be especially helpful.

  1. Should I spread out my databases onto different hostnames and, if so, what are the advantages/disadvantages? Or, do you recommend I always use the same hostname? In other words, Does creating a new hostname for each new database make sense, or is that totally unnecessary?

  2. Does creating a new hostname for each new database help improve security and avoid all databases going down in the case where all databases are on one hostname and that hostname goes down, becomes corrupted, etc.?

  3. Or should I simply create new hostnames only for different domain names or different subdomain names and their respective databases?

  4. What is meant by the databases are “interchangeable” and why would I want to interchange them?

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