When or how to create "old-messages"?

I recently moved over to Dreamhost… our old mail server had a HUGE number of emails - which we transferred into Dreamhost using Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP (about 18000 messages in the inbox).

Anyway, I see Dreamhost says it will automatically purge the inbox by moving messages to the old-messages folder… but I do not see an “old-messages” folder anywhere (I’m using webmail), and it has been several hours since I finished uploading the messages.

Do I need to manually create “old-messages”? - or will this happen eventually by itself?


As I recall, old-messages must be manually created, and purged messages purge before it’s creation fall into a blackhole, never to be seen again.

Using the panel, or the mailboxes.yourdomain.tld you can change the expiring parameters, the folder name, or even turn the functionality off.

I imported a few other sites to our server… those sites only had a few thousand messages in the inboxes. For them, Dreamhost automatically created the folder, and it has already moved messages into it.

On this main large site though, Dreamhost never created the folder… I finally did it manually, but so far, it appears no messages have been moved. I wonder if the large number of messages somehow overloaded the system… Frustrating…

If I recall correctly, I had to go to my Dreamhost control panel to enable viewing of old-messages.