When is 'tomorrow' when I'm not in the US?


Okay, Dreamhost support has posted a bit more info - but it isn’t at all helpful without any precise definitions!

Saying “If by tomorrow your site is not up” is no help, especially when customers can be reading this from any time zone around the world. For me, it is Friday afternoon, just gone 5pm British Summer Time (GMT +1). I’ve been trying to access my sites since first thing this morning… was I already in ‘tomorrow’ when this info was posted? Or does this mean I should wait at least half a day longer?

No, I’m not claiming to be ‘losing money every second’, but this is causing problems with some site development and VR photography examples I’ve been scheduled to show people.

I realise DH is going to be working hard to fix things, but without details such as times and dates I’ve no idea whether to expect this to be fixed sometime today (Friday Aug 17th) or ‘tomorrow’ (Saturday…).

Man, this is really going to hit the availability stats.



Mañana, man, real soon now, ASAP.

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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow you’re always a day away…


Personally, at this point I prefer Moloko’s lyrics…
“Give up yourself unto the moment… the time is now”

Or perhaps Prince, from Planet Earth…
“Still waiting - Don’t make me cry no more”

Whatever way you play it, this is a long time to be down. I wish I had a little more fine-grained info so I could perhaps, oh I don’t know… plan?


If you go to the panel the time at the top is the local time for dreamhost, currently 8 hours behind British summer Time.

I’d imagine this is the time they would work to

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