When is DreamObjects out of beta?



I need this now!

I have huge amount of data (approx. 0.5 - 1TB) that I need stored with DreamObjects. I want to know when is it supposed to be out of beta?

Can someone give me an approximate deadline that DreamObjects would be officially released to public?


I want you to have it now!

I treat beta as a fluid process. We’re increasing the number of users and load on DreamObjects every day. We’re watching and monitoring everything closely to ensure DreamObjects meets our, and your, expectations. The good news is that it’s going very well!

We’ll remove the beta tag once we’ve reached two goals: 1) satisfaction with performance and 2) all our planned features are in place.

We’re looking great on #1. Ceph is performing well as the core of DreamObjects and our UI on top of it is beyond my expectations.

Progress on #2 is moving very quickly and we’re in our final phase of features. Our biggest outstanding features are creating your own account notifications (based on storage, bandwidth, plan, etc.) and improvements to the object browser in the panel.

One thing I do want to make you aware of is that nothing will happen to your data when we transition out of beta. Any data stored in DreamObjects now will remain once DreamObjects is out of beta.


Will DH think about cloud server as well?


Our CEO is on the board of directors for the OpenStack Foundation https://www.openstack.org/foundation/board-of-directors/ - I’ll let that speak for itself.

Right now I’ll just say this, stay tuned…


I couldn’t let the cat out of the bag too early. We now have a cloud server offering called DreamCompute that just went into beta today. You can find more info here http://dreamhost.com/cloud/dreamcompute/