When do I get my notice?

I registered here this morning, about 9:00 AM EST, and signed up to register and host a domain. I still haven’t gotten any confirmation other than my NDN ID. Is this normal? Its been about 6 hours.


We’re having a weird bug right now with our sign up process that seems to be affecting a handful of people… if you create your NDN ID and then don’t get to a page asking for payment info, then the bug is happening to you!

What you should do is send an email to support@dreamhost.com right away and give them the NDN ID you created, what plan you were signing up for (AND how many months, 1 or 12), and what domain and username you wanted. They’ll set your new account up for you and then you can go to https://panel.dreamhost.com/billing/ and pay for it.

We’re working on figuring out this problem and fixing it as fast as we can!