What's your uptime?



I didnot find your uptime guarantee, what’s it? Thanks!


Dreamhost does not offer an uptime guarantee.

My sites have been averaging around 99.5% uptime for the last 3 months that I have been using a 3rd party uptime checking service.

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Can you recommend a good free 3rd party uptime checking service?


Siteuptime.com - that’s what I use - and my DH account has been ~99.6%

Rails Hosting - DH supports Ruby on Rails!
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That equates to a downtime of about 1.5 whole days per year (if my sum are right!) - isn’t that quite a lot?

I’ve only just begun actually using my dreamhost account lots but have noticed it go down three times in the past week or so (1st time support rebooted server half hour after i put support request in, 2nd time it started working again within 10 mins of me noticing, and 3rd time is as I am typing this!). Do dreamhost offer any guarantees of service level? It’s frustrating when you can’t access/update the site.


i have had a good amount of downtime since i joined 3 months ago but it seems it could only be me…

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I dont think it was only you. :slight_smile:

I think DreamHost has had a number of (mostly) isolated problems over the last few months. Thankfully most of these seem to have been fixed.

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damn :frowning:

mys site is down… i didnt know about this.

i thought nowadays everybody offered at least 99.9%


Oh i’m sure almost everybody does offer 99.9%

Whether or not they follow through is another issue entirely. I don’t know about %, but my site(s) have been down once or twice… it was a problem of course, but it was taken care of very quickly and handled very well in my opinion. Looking back, it was actually a good thing, because I got to see first hand the way Dreamhost deals with such situations.

The point being: I can’t tell you my uptime, but if/when you ever have a problem with it, it won’t be a problem for very long. At least that’s what I take away from my experiences here.


There were a series of DDOS attacks, that’s probably why your site was down. I don’t think any host can suffer that and not have some downtime.

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I’ve measured the dreamhost’s uptime ratio 2 days ago.
It’s €.
yes, it’s not a joke, it was € for one day, the other day it was ‚, that means our websites are down for apr. 5 hours for one day.
In addition to this, when they’re not down, they are heavily slow.

BTW, their main servers aren’t down, even once for 1 second.And their speed are blazing fast compared to my websites which was hosted by Dreamhost.

Honestly, i wanna know, is that value for money or is that dreamhost’s service principle ?


I personally have had very few problems with my sites uptime since being hosted with DreamHost. I’ve had a few short outages, but these are quickly rectified when DreamHost becomes aware of the problem.

I would advise contacting DreamHost support and outlining your issues, perhaps the server you are on is experiencing problems that they are not aware of.


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Why Dreamhost does not offer an uptime guarantee?

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Did you compare DreamHost prices to those who do offer extensive guarantees? If you want guarantees, they are widely available for purchase from many companies at the going rate for that requirement. DH appears to be taking a unique approach by keeping prices as low as possible, and that means keeping costs even lower than possible.

See TANSTAAFL. :wink:


Not cheap for the second year. Lower price is not a reason.

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